Thomas Muller threatens to end records of Klose and Ronaldo

In yesterday’s victory over Portugal, the German forward Thomas Muller scored a hat-trick. At the age of 24, he already scored more goals than Van Persie, Rooney, Ronaldo and Messi combined so Klose and Ronaldo have reasons to worry about their records.

Thomas Muller threatens
Thomas Muller threatens to end records of Klose and Ronaldo

The star of Bayern Munich and German national team, Thomas Muller is the player destined for great deeds. Born and raised in one small village, 50 km from Munich, Muller is one shy and polite guy. Engaged at the age of 17, married at the age of 20, he is not the type of player which provides tabloids with juicy writing material or scandals. His talking is done on the pitch, where he shows all his potential and dedication. It’s said that he doesn’t own the speed of Ribery or Robben, he doesn’t own skills of Goetze nor can he play as good as Mandzukic with his head. But, he is a combination of all those players and that is the most important during the game.

Four years ago, Muller was the top goal scorer of the World Cup (five goals) and voted best young player. For a 20-year-old player, that is really impressive, but in Germany nobody is surprised with this. He went through all categories of both Bayern’s and German national team and from game to game it was clear he is “the special one”. He owes his gratitude to the future coach of Manchester United, Louis van Gaal, who gave him a chance to play in the first team and Thomas returned that favor with goals and assists. He won everything with Bayern, while with German squad he won third place on the World Cup 2010 and was stopped in the semifinal of Euro 2012. Those are only two trophies he is missing, and he is yet 24 years old. According to speculations, he wanted to move to Old Trafford with the Dutch coach but Bayern stopped that with a contract extension and salary raise.

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On the opening game of the World Cup 2014, he scored a hat-trick against Portugal and after round one of group phase is the leading goal scorer. He scored from a penalty (which he rarely misses), one from distance and one from deflection. His sense for goals is simply brilliant and shows he has great sense for movement. His total goal tally is now eight, but (if injuries or something else don’t prevent him to play in future) we must consider he could also feature in two more World Cups. That will put records of Ronaldo and Klose in danger, because Muller can outscore them for four years in Russia.

Behind this young guy is a brilliant career already – he has accomplished a great success both as person and as player, his cabinet is rife with trophies and individual awards and only thing left for us is to wish him luck on his quest for European and World titles. If someone deserved that, then it’s Thomas Muller.

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