Professor Hawking warns Englishmen of heat and humidity in Brazil

72-years-old physics professor, author of the book “A Brief History of Time” concluded that heat and humidity will certainly not be allies of English national football team in Brazil.

hawking world cup
Professor Hawking warns Englishmen of heat and humidity in Brazil

The famous British physicist Stephen Hawking believes that England has little chance for success at the upcoming soccer World Cup in Brazil. Obviously in a joking tone, Hawking said that the Englishmen have some chances in match against Uruguay in the group stage of the competition only if one of European referees makes judgments, since “European referees are more sympathetic to the English game and less sympathetic to ballerinas like Suarez”. Continuing in the same vein, with the specific English humor at their own expense addressed to traditional problem with penalties, Hawking said: “As we say in science, England ‘couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo’”, and that he has formula for the solution of that problem. The key solution is the velocity, but it is not worth anything without placement, and the probability of success is even 84 percent if a ball goes to the upper left or right hand corner. According to him, statistics do not provides a conclusion whether a penalty should perform right-handed or left-handed – but certainly those without hair or balding will have a better chances, concluding that the reason for this for now is “a big science mystery”. It is expressed by the formula

hawking penalties formula

Hawking claims that England has the best chance to win against Costa Rica in Belo Horizonte, while they will have the most problems in Manaus, where they play against Italy. However, professor Hawking gave also a note of seriousness to his story. Like an Englishman he will cheer for English national team, but he believes that only a fool can overlook Brazil, which has won more than 30 percent of World Cups, and there are also significant climatic and psychological benefits for the home team.

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If one considers that there is something more than a joke in the words of professor Hawking, he can think about that which bet is most suited for each of all three games in the group stage of the competition. It seems that victory against Costa Rica is the most certain, while other outcomes are still under wraps.

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