Natal – the safest city in Brazil

Founded: December 25, 1599
Population: 800,000 (1.3 milion wider geographic area)
Altitude: 30 m
State: ‎ Rio Grande do Norte

Natal Brazil
Natal Brazil

Rio Grande do Norte (Great Northern River) is located in the northeast of Brazil, and with the states of Paraíba and Pernambuco is the easternmost part of Brazil. This state is famous for its oil, as well as the cultivation of fruits, especially mango and guava. Rio Grande do Norte is also known for its sandy beaches and dunes, with two prevailing climate – humid tropical in the coastal regions, while the rest of the country is pretty dry. The coastal part of the Atlantic that laps the coast of the state of Rio Grande do Norte is hatchery of tunas, sharks and other marine animals.

Natal, capital of Rio Grande do Norte is located on the shore, at a place where the river Potengi empties into the Atlantic Ocean. The local climate is tropical, and the city is known as the “City of the Sun” with more than three thousand hours of sunshine a year. Therefore, it is no wonder that tourism is a major sector of the economy, and more and more money is invested in the construction of hotels and other facilities in order to maintain the upward trend in the number of tourists every year. The construction of the airport is in progress, which will be the largest in South America, and the eighth largest in the world. Natal is not known after places for nightlife, which distinguishes it from most major Brazilian cities. It is one of significant reasons why this city is a peaceful and safest city in Brazil, and which is why many prominent citizens of Brazil buy real estate in this city.

Arena Das Dunas Natal
Arena Das Dunas Natal

Football clubs America de Natal and ABC are the most successful clubs in the city. Both clubs were founded in the same year, 1915, and the ABC has been more successful with 52 titles of the state champion in relation to 34 which America de Natal has won so far. It is interesting that ABC Futebol Clube was named by merging the initial letters of three states of the South America – Argentina, Brazil and Chile. This club play at Frasqueirão stadium, with capacity of 18,000 seats. America de Natal play at Arena das Dunas stadium which will host at the upcoming World Cup. This stadium has been built from 2011 till 2014 in place of the Machadão stadium, the older stadium which was demolished in 2011. The new stadium, with capacity of 42,086 seats, is very modern and functional, and certainly one of the most beautiful stadiums in Brazil. It is therefore a pity that the only four games at this tournament will be played there:

Mexico – Cameroon, 13 June
Ghana – United States, June 16,
Japan – Greece, June 19
Italy – Uruguay, June 24

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